Automated Deployment of Lab Environments System (ADLES)

ADLES automates the deterministic creation of virtualized environments for use in Cybersecurity and Information Technology (IT) education.


pip install adles

Getting started

adles -h
adles --print-spec exercise
adles --print-spec infra
adles --list-examples
adles --print-example competition


Creating an environment using ADLES:

  • Read the exercise and infrastructure specifications and examples of them.
  • Write an infrastructure specification for your platform. (Currently, VMware vSphere is the only platform supported)
  • Write an exercise specification with the environment you want created.
  • Check its syntax, run the mastering phase, make your changes, and then run the deployment phase.
# Validate spec
adles validate my-competition.yaml

# Create Master images
adles masters my-competition.yaml

# Deploy the exercise
adles deploy my-competition.yaml

# Cleanup the environment
adles cleanup my-competition.yaml

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